Lili Bordan Maxima Magazine Hungary

Here is another portrait assignment, this time for Maxima Magazine in Hungary.
I shot the large portrait on the left. The story features Lili’s respect for her mother, an accomplished actress in her native land of Hungary.
The article also talks about Lili’s recent shoot in London.

UROTW now has its own Facebook page.

I launched the page yesterday on Facebook. Click here to check it out. I will update it with unseen photos and post videos and link to stories that I like.

FHM Spain February 2012 Agnes Olech

If you happen to be in Spain this month, pick up a copy of the February FHM. Agnes is featured in these great matching set of Miss Crofton underwear. Georgia Crofton and I picked this red and white set for the shoot. I thought the pattern resembled the old designs of the curtains in kitchens of the 50s. Agnes is a vegetarian and explains how to make a great smoothie in the interview. Enjoy!

Agnes Olech FHM Germany June 2012

Here is the 6 page story in FHM Germany this month featuring Agnes.
This coincides with Agnes appearing as one of the 2 Swedish Girls who come to visit the guys on Comedy Central’s Workaholics. The show aired on June 26,2012. The girls were looking to visit Hollywood and see the famous sign only to get stuck in Rancho Cucamonga.

Australian Outback Big Rigs 8 page story in Trucks Mag France

Here is an 8 page story in the current edition of Trucks Mag in France. My portraits and truck profile shots are featured with a few other stock images to contextualize the vast landscape of The Outback.

Australia is very proud of their Kenworth’s. They successfully lobbied the company tp have a factory built down near Melbourne in the town of Bayswater back in 1970. The Peterbilt 359 shown here was imported back in the 80s and converted to right hand steering and has changed owners 3 times now.

Geneva, Switzerland and France June 2010

Here are some travel snaps of my recent trip to Europe. Thanks to Ferdy de Martin. He made it all this possible. Please check his website out here:

Sauza Tequila “Make it with a Lifeguard” 2013-14 Calendar

Here are a few selects from the calendar made by Sauza. This campaign is wildly successful and features Anderson
Davis who’s star is on the rise this year. Have a look at some of the great images I came away with during the broadcast shoot back in February.Sauza Calendar 1

Sauza Calendar 2

Sauza Calendar 3

Sauza Calendar 4

Sauza Calendar 5

Sauza Calendar 6

Sauza Calendar 7

Sauza Calendar 8

Sauza Calendar 9

Sauza Calendar 10

Sauza Calendar 11

Sauza Calendar 12

Sauza Calendar 13

Sauza Calendar 14

Agnes Olech, Peterbilt 6 Page Story in Trucks Mag France

After a few years of creating these images of Peterbilts with Agnes Olech, here is the 1st comprehensive published editorial of this work. As you may know, Peterbilt made this idea famous starting back in the 1960s when they were selling an idea of “Class” to the owner/operator. They made calendars and magazine ads by photographing an elegantly dressed woman in front of their trucks. After coming across these images years ago, I decided to bring this idea back and knew just the actress to cast. Agnes Olech has an “Old Hollywood” look about her and my stylist Lindsey Dupuis has a great eye for vintage inspired, modern designed dresses. Please keep a look out for a couple 2013 calendars featuring my photography and production coming out soon.

New Homepage with Ms. Agnes Olech

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