Truck Driving Album Covers

Do they even make truck diving music anymore? I love the art work ideas here although I know I
could have done a much better job!

Shell Rotella Super Rigs 30th Anniversary Joplin Mo Thurs. Photos

Here are a few point and shoot images from the show on Thurs.I tried to include some trucks I haven’t seen before and some that we all have. There will be many more trucks showing up tomorrow but as of tonight 7 trucks have already made it onto the calendar.

Shell Rotella Super Rigs 2012 Gallery

Here are a few images from the Shell Super Rigs 2012 gallery I just posted.

Please go have a look at the top gallery on Ultra Rigs. I focused on the portraits of the various people I met with and had a chance to talk to. Its very hard work to get these show rigs looking their best and I hope these images tell that story. Click Here to see the gallery

FHM Russia 8 Page Story!!!

This story is the biggest spread I have ever had published. I love the print quality and the use of trucks from 4 different continents.

Here are some European tankers:

Here are 2 Roadtrains in the Australian Outback:

and the incredible Dekotoras of Japan:

I hope you enjoy!

Australia Snap Shots

I usually don’t post travel snaps but I thought there was enough beauty and humor here to warrant this post. Australia was a really amazing trip. Sat tuned for the new gallery of truck images that should be up in the next few days. Until then, enjoy these shots from Alice Springs and Sydney!

San Diego 1979 Peterbilt “Class” Treatment

This is the latest installment of my series “Class Pays” based on the famous ads of yesteryear. Harm Speerstra contacted me a month ago after seeing what I did with Steve Vermeer’s 352 last March in Rancho Palos Verdes. After an adventure in Oceanside, we drove 45 mins down the road to San Diego and made these images happen. Special thanks to Phil Callen (Callen Trucks Restoration) for driving the truck and knowing the perfect spot to finally shoot in. Thanks to Thelma and Harm for facilitating this shoot and Agnes Olech for being such an amazing model! I believe this is one of my best executions yet of this old ad campaign. Please go to my website and contact me if you are interested in shooting a calendar or special promo images for your trucking company in this fashion. I can pull a quote together for you based on what specifically you would like to shoot. Here they are!

Here is a tighter shot

and finally here is a white outfit version

Please leave feedback here on the blog. Thank you!

Dish Network Hopper “Road Trip”

Dish Network shoot featuring a mom struggling on a road trip when “Hopper” comes to the rescue._47A5928 _47A5984 _47A5907 _47A5803

Commercial Motor UK Magazine Cover Story

I am so proud to have another cover story in a trucking industry magazine overseas. Commercial Motor is the
top commercial trucking magazine in the UK. The editor did a great job with the interview and back story on the making of the calendar.
photo-1 CMO_xmas feature-1CMO_xmas feature-2

The book I am reading at the moment.

Because I never stop learning, I bought this book published by an established set photographer in the UK. I shoot stills on TV commercials and have worked on several Documentary films but never features. Here is the book cover:

Its filled with anecdotes and incredible photos that Alex Bailey has shot on some very big name Features over the years. He even included film and exposure info below the photos in addition to interesting captions that contextualize the images. Its fascinating even if you are just curious about this part of the film industry.