PDN Big Rig Portfolio Article

The big rig portfolio is featured in PDN online this month.

They use a couple photos of the book Jeff Botelho painted in the article.

Here is the book from straight on:

and a page detail:

Commercial Motor UK Magazine Cover Story

I am so proud to have another cover story in a trucking industry magazine overseas. Commercial Motor is the
top commercial trucking magazine in the UK. The editor did a great job with the interview and back story on the making of the calendar.
photo-1 CMO_xmas feature-1CMO_xmas feature-2

Truck Journal New Zealand Chrome and Elegance Story.

Check out this Chrome and Elegance calendar story in New Zealand’s top trucking magazine

The 2 page story includes a contest to win one of 6 calendars. Here is a word from Simon the editor from a Facebook post:

Roger Snider, one of America’s best custom truck photographers, has made it his personal mission to deliver one of the most stunning truck calendars available for 2014. His latest iteration of the calendar returns us to the days of Peterbilt’s Class advertisements which used to grace the back of America magazines


Truck Journal 1a

Budreck 2011 Calendar

I shot the 2011 Calendar for Budreck Trucking out of Chicago.

I am in the process of meeting up with some of their drivers this year as I travel the U.S. on gigs. Here are 6 select shoots from this year’s calendar:

Film Frames from Laurel Conyon Fashion Shoot

Film isn’t shot much anymore. Its expensive and cumbersome compared to digital but still delivers a one of a kind look.

I love the look of film and hope to shoot more soon.

Camille from Vision Models Los Angeles in Laurel Canyon.

Salt Lake City Show this weekend

So I am off to the show just south of Salt Lake City. Its in Thanksgiving Point which is about a 1/2 hour drive down form SLC. Jeff England heads it up and is a super nice guy. I used my location strobe light for the 1st time at last year’s show. Check out the photos:

SLC 09

SLC 09

SLC 09  2SLC 09  3SLC 09  4SLC 09  6SLC 09  7SLC 09  8SLC 09  9

Really amazing weather and nice people. Last year I drove I could shoot some landscapes in Zion on the way home. This year i am flying so i can head out to the Pac NW on Sunday. Really looking forward to that trip. A nice book will come of it I am sure!

San Diego 1979 Peterbilt “Class” Treatment

This is the latest installment of my series “Class Pays” based on the famous ads of yesteryear. Harm Speerstra contacted me a month ago after seeing what I did with Steve Vermeer’s 352 last March in Rancho Palos Verdes. After an adventure in Oceanside, we drove 45 mins down the road to San Diego and made these images happen. Special thanks to Phil Callen (Callen Trucks Restoration) for driving the truck and knowing the perfect spot to finally shoot in. Thanks to Thelma and Harm for facilitating this shoot and Agnes Olech for being such an amazing model! I believe this is one of my best executions yet of this old ad campaign. Please go to my website and contact me if you are interested in shooting a calendar or special promo images for your trucking company in this fashion. I can pull a quote together for you based on what specifically you would like to shoot. Here they are!

Here is a tighter shot

and finally here is a white outfit version

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