Pinhole 4×5 Camera B+W Polaroids

I bought a pinhole camera last week and shot these Polaroids today here at a house in Laurel Canyon. I was tech scouting a fashion story I will shoot in a few weeks. The shots I took feature the stylist I will work with named Lindsey in them. We are going for a 70s retro feel for this shoot.

This was shot with 400 asa polaroid which isn’t even made any more. I am really looking forward to this shoot!

Trucks Magazine France Cover Story

Its was a pleasure to land the cover of France’s premiere Trucking Industry Magazine.

Trucks Magazine France Cover Story on Chrome and Elegance Calendar Shoot

Trucks Magazine France Cover Story on Chrome and Elegance Calendar Shoot

The story includes details about my vision for the shoot with Agnes Olech on the cover. Its Peterbilt’s 75th anniversary next year. This calendar pays homage to Peterbilt’s “Class Pays” campaign that included beautifully styled women with trucks from over 5 decades of design. Victoria Barabas, who I met on  TV shoot for Dos XX last year, is the new actress featured this year seen here in the lower left. Trucks Mag France 1

Shot in Yakima Wa. during the ATHS show, this shoot brings the best looks Hollywood has to offer to the custom trucking world. Look for stories in Workbook and PDN.

Trucks Mag France 2

Look for even bigger things from the 2015 edition of Chrome and Elegance!

Salt Lake City Show this weekend

So I am off to the show just south of Salt Lake City. Its in Thanksgiving Point which is about a 1/2 hour drive down form SLC. Jeff England heads it up and is a super nice guy. I used my location strobe light for the 1st time at last year’s show. Check out the photos:

SLC 09

SLC 09

SLC 09  2SLC 09  3SLC 09  4SLC 09  6SLC 09  7SLC 09  8SLC 09  9

Really amazing weather and nice people. Last year I drove I could shoot some landscapes in Zion on the way home. This year i am flying so i can head out to the Pac NW on Sunday. Really looking forward to that trip. A nice book will come of it I am sure!

Just shot 2 amazing shoots here in SoCal

I drove out to San Jacinto Ca yesterday afternoon for a great sunset shot and then again this am for a shoot of the same truck in downtown. I shot a Peterbilt 352 and wanted 2 diff location options because COE are my favorite style of truck. It was a lot of driving and the traffic yesterday was terrible all the way out by I really believe I came away with the goods. This was a feature for Large Car Mag and the truck was just at the Trucking for Kids show last weekend in Irwindale. I have a fashion shoot next Tues then fly to Dallas on Thurs to attend the show at Peterbilt in Denton. Here is a teaser in the meantime Stever Vermeer 352  25

I also wanted to include a cool throw back photo from a model kit for a comparison:

Commercial Motor UK Magazine Cover Story

I am so proud to have another cover story in a trucking industry magazine overseas. Commercial Motor is the
top commercial trucking magazine in the UK. The editor did a great job with the interview and back story on the making of the calendar.
photo-1 CMO_xmas feature-1CMO_xmas feature-2

Truck Stop Pinball

I have always associated the old indy truck stops with great pinball games. I love the art work on this particular model!

Flaunt Magazine Still Life

Here is an assignment I shot for Flaunt’s “Nether Issue” which just came out this week. The idea for the shoot is that this trunk contained these various pop culture items and serves as a time capsule that wont be opened for another 1000 years. The contents include, a Yolo hat,an iPad with Instagram on it, the Kate Upton SI, a Fifty Shades of Grey book etc. If the trunk was discovered that far in the future, the expedition crew would have a good idea of the vapidness of American culture in 2012. I shot this photo at my Disc Golf course near Dodger Stadium because I liked the quality of the dirt there over beach sand. This is my 1st contribution to Flaunt and was a unique assignment from this magazine.