Love the old Peterbilt “Class Pays” Ads from the 70s and 80s?

Well I did to. Those were the inspiration behind this new series I just published on my site.
I included a few of the gallery here on the blog.
Hope you like and as always I welcome comments!

San Diego 1979 Peterbilt “Class” Treatment

This is the latest installment of my series “Class Pays” based on the famous ads of yesteryear. Harm Speerstra contacted me a month ago after seeing what I did with Steve Vermeer’s 352 last March in Rancho Palos Verdes. After an adventure in Oceanside, we drove 45 mins down the road to San Diego and made these images happen. Special thanks to Phil Callen (Callen Trucks Restoration) for driving the truck and knowing the perfect spot to finally shoot in. Thanks to Thelma and Harm for facilitating this shoot and Agnes Olech for being such an amazing model! I believe this is one of my best executions yet of this old ad campaign. Please go to my website and contact me if you are interested in shooting a calendar or special promo images for your trucking company in this fashion. I can pull a quote together for you based on what specifically you would like to shoot. Here they are!

Here is a tighter shot

and finally here is a white outfit version

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Sauza Tequila “Make it with a Lifeguard” featuring Anderson Davis and a white Lab puppy!

Sauza Tequila just launched its new spot with Anderson Davis Here on its YouTube Channel

These are some images that I shot for the print and digital campaign that will accompany the spot. Anderson was a real pro and a pleasure to work with. Look for more spots to come online soon. Thanks to my great team, Michele my awesome Digi-tech and Stephen and Mona from The Barbarian Group.Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 11.30.23 AM Barbarian GroupBarbarian GroupBarbarian GroupBarbarian GroupBackground_Plates_0025Barbarian Group

Barbarian GroupBarbarian GroupBarbarian GroupBarbarian GroupBarbarian GroupBarbarian GroupScreen Shot 2013-04-05 at 11.50.24 AM

On the road for 2 months

So I have never really promoted my other website on this blog but figures it was high time.The reason I haven’t said much here for a while is due to the fat that I have been traveling so much. I have been to Vegas and Miami on a big TV shoot for Heineken. In the meantime check out the new DOS XX work in my gallery on the this site: CLICK HERE

Rig-N-Roll Video Game

Check out this video game made in Russia. Its a big rig simulator that is really well done. I have been in touch with them about some ideas for the game packaging.

I really like the art work and think the theme music is well done also.

Hefty “Ultimate Garbage Men” Stills

Hefty has launched a funny new TV campaign featuring 3 studs and an average joe to promote the new “Ultimate” garbage bag.

You can view the spot here:

Here are a few stills I shot for the print/digital arm of the campaign.

_47A8250 _47A8268 _47A7867 _47A8312 _D3A9362 _D3A9196 _D3A9064 _D3A9040

And all the Valentines day images here!

Hefty 1 Hefty 2 Hefty 3 Hefty 4

BJ and the Bear 8×10

Thought I would post this. I met Greg Evigan at a truck show in Canada a few years back. He was nice enough to sign an autograph for me. No one under 35 knew who he was so I walked over and talked with him for 20 mins about the show. He is a super nice guy if you have a chance to meet him one day!