Timothy Archibald Accomplished Blogger/Photographer/Artist

Hello all, I wanted to give a shout out to another photographer’s blog and work. Timothy Archibald is a Northern California based editorial and advertising photographer who has produced some clever books and self assignments you might want to check out. Timothy is also a very good writer with a vast knowledge of both art history and the history of photography. Please click here and have a read for yourself! He talks about not only his own work but current issues and the way other photographers approach assignments.

Love the old Peterbilt “Class Pays” Ads from the 70s and 80s?

Well I did to. Those were the inspiration behind this new series I just published on my site.
I included a few of the gallery here on the blog.
Hope you like and as always I welcome comments!

Lowell Davis and Red Oak II

If you ever find yourself traveling on Route 66 near Joplin Mo. make sure to check out Red Oak 2 The force behind this historical part of the Midwest is Lowell Davis, a very talented artist who built this small town in a cornfield. Here is Lowell and Miss Agnes on his front porch as we were on our way to a different location while shooting the 4 State Trucks 2012 Calendar

and here are some of the building Lowell has moved into this neighborhood over the years.

Here is a great quote of the artist explaining his take on art:

“I don’t believe that an artist should be restricted to use only paint or clay. It can be anything including junk, wood, even an old building. To me, Red Oak II is a combination of a painting and a sculpture, and it is just made from things that someone else threw away.”

Please, you owe it to yourself to check out this small town and stop by Lowell’s house in the middle of it all and say hi. He is super creative and fun to talk to and loves Aussies. He has met people from all over the world who make the trek across the country on this very famous road.

Road Transport UK June 2011 Cover Shoot!

Hello, I hope you have enjoyed my last few posts. I am very pleased to share my cover story here with you. This is Commercial Motor/Road Transport in the UK. Cover and Contents pages

There are 6 pages in all!

and they even included the shot of Agnes with Vermeer’s rig in Palos Verdes…

I love the idea of using the various different kinds of trucks in the article for contrast. Thanks again to all the truck owners who went far out of their way to meet me at the various locations! This marks the 1st time I have been printed in the UK and the 3rd time I have made the cover of a magazine with Ultra Rigs of the World!

Rig-N-Roll Video Game

Check out this video game made in Russia. Its a big rig simulator that is really well done. I have been in touch with them about some ideas for the game packaging.

I really like the art work and think the theme music is well done also.

Hefty “Ultimate Garbage Men” Stills

Hefty has launched a funny new TV campaign featuring 3 studs and an average joe to promote the new “Ultimate” garbage bag.

You can view the spot here:

Here are a few stills I shot for the print/digital arm of the campaign.

_47A8250 _47A8268 _47A7867 _47A8312 _D3A9362 _D3A9196 _D3A9064 _D3A9040

And all the Valentines day images here!

Hefty 1 Hefty 2 Hefty 3 Hefty 4

Dish Network Hopper “Road Trip”

Dish Network shoot featuring a mom struggling on a road trip when “Hopper” comes to the rescue._47A5928 _47A5984 _47A5907 _47A5803