Framed Landscape Self Promo

Coming up with a clever promo is always a fun challenge. Because I travel often shooting trucks around the US with my Mamiya 7II, selecting this landscape image of Death Valley is personal. Once printed, I had it framed making it easy for my clients to hang it in their offices or homes. I bring them to meetings as my “leave behind” piece of art. Judging by the responses, this has been my most successful self promo piece to date. What do you think?

Shooting Film in New Mexico

Chrome and Elegance is a retro inspired big rig calendar that lends itself to the look of film. The 2019 edition, currently being shot, will be the 1st to be shot using color film since starting the project 6 years ago. Using avail light with a reflector and the least amount crew members, this will be the most fun to shoot yet. This shot was made at the Leaping Deer Ranch in Las Vegas New Mexico on a 19 degree morning. What a pro Agnes was to be able to deal with the cold and still make it look easy!

Film Images of Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews

During my shoots on TV commercials, I always try to snap a few frames of film after I know I’ve captured what I need on my Digital Cameras. Here are a few shots of Aaron and Clay on set last year during the national campaign for State Farm.

Environmental Portrait for Pharma Client

This image was shot for a Pharma client a few years ago. The client needed a shot of this small business owner in her shop that portrayed a sense of confidence. One of the benefits of shooting advertising is being able to have the best set dressers,stylists and lighting people on set to help you actualize your vision.

Death Valley Landscape Film Frame

Always one to think of cool new places to shoot big rigs, I take my Mamiya 7II with me on road trips that are scouting missions. I like the look of Kodak Portra 400 and love the simple design of the rangefinder coupled with the size of the 6×7. The excitement of getting the film back from the lab is something I have missed all these years into the digital age. Here is one of many amazing images I captured on that trip last winter!