Hefty “Ultimate Garbage Men” Stills

Hefty has launched a funny new TV campaign featuring 3 studs and an average joe to promote the new “Ultimate” garbage bag.

You can view the spot here:

Here are a few stills I shot for the print/digital arm of the campaign.

_47A8250 _47A8268 _47A7867 _47A8312 _D3A9362 _D3A9196 _D3A9064 _D3A9040

And all the Valentines day images here!

Hefty 1 Hefty 2 Hefty 3 Hefty 4

Commercial Motor UK Magazine Cover Story

I am so proud to have another cover story in a trucking industry magazine overseas. Commercial Motor is the
top commercial trucking magazine in the UK. The editor did a great job with the interview and back story on the making of the calendar.
photo-1 CMO_xmas feature-1CMO_xmas feature-2

The Capitol Theatre in Yakima Wa

I shot these interior shots of the historic theatre in hopes they might be used in the Chrome and Elegance 2014 calendar. I decided to keep the layout simple so these images were not used in the final edit. If you are ever in Yakima, this location is a mist see. Click here for more info.

Theater_0002 Theater_0004 Theater_0015 Theater_0018 Theater_0024 Theater_0035 Theater_0044 Theater_0050 Theater_0059 Theater_0063 Theater_0081

Trucks Magazine France Cover Story

Its was a pleasure to land the cover of France’s premiere Trucking Industry Magazine.

Trucks Magazine France Cover Story on Chrome and Elegance Calendar Shoot

Trucks Magazine France Cover Story on Chrome and Elegance Calendar Shoot

The story includes details about my vision for the shoot with Agnes Olech on the cover. Its Peterbilt’s 75th anniversary next year. This calendar pays homage to Peterbilt’s “Class Pays” campaign that included beautifully styled women with trucks from over 5 decades of design. Victoria Barabas, who I met on  TV shoot for Dos XX last year, is the new actress featured this year seen here in the lower left. Trucks Mag France 1

Shot in Yakima Wa. during the ATHS show, this shoot brings the best looks Hollywood has to offer to the custom trucking world. Look for stories in Workbook and PDN.

Trucks Mag France 2

Look for even bigger things from the 2015 edition of Chrome and Elegance!

Hornitos “Not Just Any Tequila” Campaign

The latest Hornitos ad I shot when I teamed up with La Comunidad in Miami and The Barbarian Group in NYC for the brand owned by Beam Inc out of Chicago.

The story follows a group of 4 guys who realize that asking for a specific kind of Tequila can be equated with being decisive about other choices in life. Here is the TV Spot

Hornitos_Bar_Product_0385 Hornitos_Bar_Bartender_0232 Hornitos_Bar_Medium_0183 Hornitos_Barbershop_Barber_0686 Hornitos_Travel_Mark_1371 Hornitos_Travel_Mark_1397 Hornitos_Travel_Pickup_1367 Hornitos_Travel_Waiting_1431 Hornitos_Bar_Product_0439


Chrome and Elegance 2014, Big Rigs and Hollywood Glamour Calendar Shoot

After an action packed summer, I would like to share some BTS photos (courtesy of Jacob Rushing) from the 2014 Chrome and Elegance Calendar shoot which took place in Yakima Wa. The calendar will be avail for sale next week so please go here to order yours today! _MG_8575 _MG_8636 _MG_8654 _MG_8721 _MG_8774 _MG_8902 _MG_8970-2 _MG_9020

Sauza Tequila “Make it with a Lifeguard” 2013-14 Calendar

Here are a few selects from the calendar made by Sauza. This campaign is wildly successful and features Anderson
Davis who’s star is on the rise this year. Have a look at some of the great images I came away with during the broadcast shoot back in February.Sauza Calendar 1

Sauza Calendar 2

Sauza Calendar 3

Sauza Calendar 4

Sauza Calendar 5

Sauza Calendar 6

Sauza Calendar 7

Sauza Calendar 8

Sauza Calendar 9

Sauza Calendar 10

Sauza Calendar 11

Sauza Calendar 12

Sauza Calendar 13

Sauza Calendar 14

William Levy in Store Print Ads for Pepsi Next

Here are the in store print ads from the Pepsi Next job I shot in Miami a few months ago.Pepsi Next William LevyScreen Shot 2013-06-20 at 8.26.58 AM

Dos Equis TV and Print Campaign for Summer 2013

If you have been following “The Most Interesting Man in the World”, then you might catch the latest TV Ads and Billboards that are now out. Here are a few images from the latest spots and a Billboard I shot for the campaign. The girls in the Ice Bivouac are Victoria Barabas and N.I.N.A. Enjoy! IMG_3904