New Homepage with Ms. Agnes Olech

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One thought on “New Homepage with Ms. Agnes Olech

  1. Hi Roger,
    Really STUNNING work! I came across you because I am researching Dekotora. I need to contact some of them, but I don’t know how they are centalised, and even if they are still alive and have their trucks safe. It’s great to see someone who loves trucks, but who is also able to photograph them. I used to travel in a convoy of trucks around europe, performing. it was fab, but now we are all old (er) The convoy has morphed into an airstream park in the Pyrenees…look it up, it’s called Bel Repayre. They have really old old ones and the insides are customised to their decade. I guess it’s not so magical to you as you’re from the US. Would love to talk to you about this…making a film.
    Hope you get in touch. What’s your next adventure?

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