Dish Latino El Jeugo Bonito Campaign Ads

Here are the images in the current campaign for the World Cup coverage by Dish using the “Hopper”. Look for my still image Clarisse Neves on the current broadcast campaign out now as well. Thanks to all the great people at Havas Chicago for making this shoot happen and being one of the best campaigns for the World Cup!ad 1 ad 2 ad 3 ad 4 ad 5 ad 6 ad 7 ad 8 ad 9 ad 10 ad 11 ad 12

Sauza Tequila “Make it with a Lifeguard” 2013-14 Calendar

Here are a few selects from the calendar made by Sauza. This campaign is wildly successful and features Anderson
Davis who’s star is on the rise this year. Have a look at some of the great images I came away with during the broadcast shoot back in February.Sauza Calendar 1

Sauza Calendar 2

Sauza Calendar 3

Sauza Calendar 4

Sauza Calendar 5

Sauza Calendar 6

Sauza Calendar 7

Sauza Calendar 8

Sauza Calendar 9

Sauza Calendar 10

Sauza Calendar 11

Sauza Calendar 12

Sauza Calendar 13

Sauza Calendar 14

Hefty “Ultimate Garbage Men” Stills

Hefty has launched a funny new TV campaign featuring 3 studs and an average joe to promote the new “Ultimate” garbage bag.

You can view the spot here:

Here are a few stills I shot for the print/digital arm of the campaign.

_47A8250 _47A8268 _47A7867 _47A8312 _D3A9362 _D3A9196 _D3A9064 _D3A9040

And all the Valentines day images here!

Hefty 1 Hefty 2 Hefty 3 Hefty 4

Dish Network “Going Back to College”

Here are some images I shot for the latest Dish ads you see out in the world at the moment.  4 College QBs who didn’t do well in the pros all think going back to college would be amazing. In addition to shooting all the TV coverage of stills, I was able to set up my own studio on both days of shooting and capture all the assets that you will see used for Digital, Social and Print.

matt leinart usc football quarterback

matt leinart usc football quarterback

dish_02-jamarcus_1132 dish_01-brian_0323

Heath Shuler life without the SEC

Dish Network, going back to college

Dish Network Going Back to College Football

Dish Network Going Back to College Football

Dish Network Going Back to College Football

Dish Network Going Back to College Football

Dish Network “El Juego Bonito” Campaign



Last month I flew down to Mexico City and shot this amazing campaign  featuring Clarisse Neves for Dish TV with Havas Chicago.

The shoot was in a studio and took 2 days to complete. Thanks to Haley and Bernie at the Chicago office for being such a pleasure to work with!

_47A1419 _47A1421 _47A1440 _47A1443 _47A1493 _47A1499 _47A1592 _47A1625 _47A1654 _47A1692 _47A1728 _47A1796

_47A2031 _47A2098 _47A2105 _47A2297 _47A2738_D3A1260 _D3A1275 _D3A1355 _D3A1606