Truck Calendar Shoot in New Mexico

I am shooting the 6th year of the Chrome and Elegance calendar featuring classic trucks and beautiful women in classy attire. The 2019 edition will be all captured on film with minimal post production in order to give it a retro look. In between advertising shoots, I select the fashion in LA with each model for 2 shots each which means I usually bring 5 to six looks as I like to create alt shots for Social Media and promotion that will not be the final look used in the calendar. I shoot Kodak Portra using a Nikon 4s and Mamiya 7II camera systems usually hand held during Golden Hour. I was inspired by the ads Peterbilt made in the 70s and 80s and hope to publish a book one day of my top slects from over the years. Please enjoy these images from 1 of the set ups I did at Leaping Deer Ranch in Las Vegas New Mexico this January with Agnes and Jack’s 1969 Daycab.


Snider_FM 272495_4 001

Shooting Film in New Mexico

Chrome and Elegance is a retro inspired big rig calendar that lends itself to the look of film. The 2019 edition, currently being shot, will be the 1st to be shot using color film since starting the project 6 years ago. Using avail light with a reflector and the least amount crew members, this will be the most fun to shoot yet. This shot was made at the Leaping Deer Ranch in Las Vegas New Mexico on a 19 degree morning. What a pro Agnes was to be able to deal with the cold and still make it look easy!