Commercial Motor UK Magazine Cover Story

I am so proud to have another cover story in a trucking industry magazine overseas. Commercial Motor is the
top commercial trucking magazine in the UK. The editor did a great job with the interview and back story on the making of the calendar.
photo-1 CMO_xmas feature-1CMO_xmas feature-2

Dish Latino El Jeugo Bonito Campaign Ads

Here are the images in the current campaign for the World Cup coverage by Dish using the “Hopper”. Look for my still image Clarisse Neves on the current broadcast campaign out now as well. Thanks to all the great people at Havas Chicago for making this shoot happen and being one of the best campaigns for the World Cup!ad 1 ad 2 ad 3 ad 4 ad 5 ad 6 ad 7 ad 8 ad 9 ad 10 ad 11 ad 12